The Con Virgin – Episode #5 – Terrific Con 2016

con virgin

DM: Name, age, and occupation?

VG: Vanessa, 33 years old, and Human Resources Generalist.

DM: How much of a geek do you think you are?

VG: Um… gosh. Not a lot. I’d say about 10% geek.

DM: What did you know or have heard about when it came to Comic-Cons before actually attending your first one?

VG: I heard it was a great place to go to ”fan” out. Like being your favorite comic book hero or some fictional character you really favor. You would also get to see and meet other people who are possibly into the same comics as you. It can also be a place to talk and learn about comic book stuff you may not know about.

DM: Walking into Terrificon at Mohegan Sun Casino what was your expectations?

VG: I knew there would be different booths with vendors and there would be cosplayers. That’s pretty much the only thing I was briefed about.

DM: Walking to the convention did you notice anything about the people around you?

VG: Yeah! Everyone was in costume… excuse me, Cosplay.

DM: What was your experience at the convention?

VG: It was fun. It was interesting. It was cool seeing everyone dressed up. It was awesome to see the details that people included in their cosplay. It was also awesome to see the families. Moms and kids. Dads and kids. Or even the entire family dressed up. That was really cool. And then also to see different actors, actresses, vendors, collectors, and really all sorts of different people. Not only was it interesting but also intimidating being that it was my first time walking into a Con. I had all these thoughts and expectations of what it might be because I’ve never been into this kind of world. But the people were excepting of me, even being that I was a newbie. Honestly, a great experience. I wish I could go to more.

DM: Did you purchase anything?

VG: I did. I purchased some t-shirts for my boyfriend.

DM: Lucky guy!

VG: Haha, yep! I also purchased 3 different paintings about the new Star Wars film that came out. I think that’s all.

DM: Any celebrity sightings?

VG: Yes! I totally fan-girled when I saw Abraham from “The Walking Dead”. I also got to see the original Flash.

DM: Flash Gordon?

VG: Yeah. Flash Gordon. Who else? Hmm… Jeremy London. I think that was it. I do think a lot of other people were coming in after we left though.

DM: Would you go again?

VG: Absolutely! Without a doubt. I would love to be able to go to a Con again. A different venue though. To experience a different experience with a different environment. But I would definitely go again.

DM: What’s your impression of cosplay and has the thought of doing it ever crossed your mind?

VG: Original thought. I thought it was for Geeks, years ago. I thought it was a weird thing to do. That was my initial impression but as time went on and I got to learn more about comics, probably due to the movies, I love it! I love to see all the details people put into their cosplay. (It’s) The investment of time, the devotion, and the passion, you really see with all of these different cosplayers…Would I cosplay? I don’t know. A part of me would say yes and a part of me would say no.

DM: What would you tell new comers to Comic-Con that might be on the fence about going?

VG: Oh just go! It’s so much fun. Everyone is great. Super friendly. And go in with an open mind because it’s just a different world with all the things you get to see. It’s not just the mainstream comics either. You get to see comics you’ve never really heard of and it’s really great to see. You never know what you’re going to fall in love with.

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