The End

… of Telltale Games.

This is it. The end of an era. With Telltale Games’ last installment of The Walking Dead being now finished and delivered by Skybound Games, it closes the door on an era of gaming. Tell Tale took story driven gaming and gave it a fresh coat of stylized animation and action for this newer generation. It will be sad to see them go. Recently Skybound has released the trailer for the last installment of The Walking Dead, but no word has been said on other games that were shelved as a result of the company closing its doors for good.

Retelling a story is hard, but giving your own spin to an existing universe? That takes a great amount of skill. Telltale didn’t just give us recycled versions of stories but breathed new life into them. With gripping narratives that left you on the edge of your seat and often contemplating your decision long after you’ve made a difficult choice these stories are ones that I will remember fondly. From Tales from the Boderlands to Batman to The Wolf Among Us I personally felt that they set the stage for choice driven games that really made us feel a wide spectrum of emotions.

It’s sad to see them go. The question remains if we will ever get conclusions to stories that we so desperately long for or would we just always remember them fondly like the what if of a promised kiss on prom night. This is the world of game development. We just recently saw Kingdom Hearts 3 release after 15 years of development that most fans gave up on. Hopefully Skybound (or another company) can pick up where they left off. Maybe one of the team takes it up and tries to deliver the projects under their own umbrella. We can only hope that something happens. We know all too well that even not making a decision is a decision, in and of itself.