The Magicians

With Season 2 of “The Magicians” fast approaching, I felt it best to let you guys know why I’m excited for what’s to come! This unique story based on the book of the same name takes a much different approach to magic then we are used to. Though with most of the story taking place in a world we are familiar with; we quickly find out that this is something the likes of which we’ve never seen. You see a lot of a New York influence however Brakebills feels more like Westchester than NYC. Fillory is a place that feels like a cross between Narnia, Wonderland, Neverland, and everything in between. We’ve only seen glimpses of it but with the latest season it looks like we’ll be seeing a lot more of it!
The cast has an all too familiar feeling, but that’s what makes them relatable. In the beginning we see them coming to terms with themselves and the world. When things hit the fan, the story picks up as well as their character development. It’s Harry Potter, if they were older and partied more. It’s Narnia, if the story were a bit darker. It certainly has elements recently seen in the latest Doctor Strange movie as well. Their spellcasting is done through a series of intricate finger motions called “tutting”. You also have some verbal spell casting as well but that’s not even the half of it. Elliot has a flask that never empties. Penny is a traveler, someone who can move both physically or metaphysically across dimensions! That’s all just scratching the surface.
This all sounds so… magical, right? Forgive me, I had to throw that in there. Essentially the entire series is quite the ride. Each episode pulling you in a little deeper like Alice down the rabbit hole. You learn about the history of Fillory, Brakebills, other magicians, gods, and more. I won’t spoil it, in hopes that one of you reading this and have yet to watch this will go check it out. The entire first season is on Netflix. Seriously. Check it out! There’s betrayal, love, a hero’s journey, protagonist and antagonist, and all the troupes in between. If you don’t connect to the characters on some sort of emotional level, that’s okay. I don’t feel this is the kind of show where that would happen often. It’s just good story wrapped around a basic story structure and well done. Don’t take my word for it, but I asked my Facebook a few weeks ago if they ever heard of the show and was surprised by how much feedback I received. 64 comments and I’m not even counting the replies.
Visually the show is eye candy for any fantasy fan. From the magic, scenery, costumes, and effects it all makes for an enticing visual display. There are aspects of the story that drew me in like: Quentin, a true believer in magic but is constantly fighting with his self doubt and anxiety. There’s also relationships in the series which help build and move the story forward without feeling overly used, typical, and in your face about it. Where some characters can seem a little dry and two dimensional at times, for me it’s what makes them unique by comparison. Almost all of the main cast can go back and forth between feeling bland to feeling unique and utterly awesome. I think that for this story it’s a necessity where you acknowledge there are in fact many main characters that rotate throughout the series.
Now I will say this is not a kids series by far. This is as close to mature content as you can get away with on SyFy without it being considered Game of Thrones. I will also say that this isn’t a series for everyone. If magic or fantasy isn’t for you, this may not be your cup of tea, but it’s worth a shot. A story with a slow build utterly becomes a rollercoaster with the second half of the first season. The first season leaves on such a great cliffhanger that if you make it through, you as well as so many other will be anxiously awaiting Jan 25th!