The OA

The OA

The Netflix show that’s quietly making waves amongst intellectuals and dreamers.


Have you ever felt as though there was a presence in your midst, yet you had no explanation for it? Have you ever experienced something, then experienced the exact same thing some time later, and the first instance then seemed like a dream or thought? Do you feel your loved ones are still with you, even though they have passed on? What if heaven in another dimension? What if what we think of as aliens, are emissions of souls from other dimensions, or (non-denominational) angels here to help us? What if you could travel to all these dimensions, and meet these angels? What if you were one of them?

The OA rests on the theories of physicists, astrophysicists, astronomers, psycologists, oneirologists (people who study dreams), and especially thanatologists (people who study death) and laces them together in a captivating story. This story revolves around Prairie’s story, after having a near death experience, and how her life changed completely from that moment on.

People I know who have had near death experiences talk about feeling calm, sometimes confused, not wanting to return to their bodies, and even seeing entities they don’t recognize because they aren’t exactly human. While some areas of scientific study would want to explain these experiences away, The OA delivers to any average person who wants to believe in something deeper, more profound. For those of us yearning for deep, intellectual conversations about death, angels, dimensions, and dreams, this show is a conversation starter.

As we learn more about Prairie’s story, we realize there is more than meets the eye, and Prairie who used to be Nina is now calling herself a strange name. It is evident from the opening scene that Prairie has gone through a number of experiences that cannot be explained away easily, and she does not want to be touched. She exhibits clear signs of trauma, but as the story draws us in, we realize it isn’t quite the kind of trauma we would expect.

Prairie/Nina is convinced of something that only makes sense in her dreams. It becomes an arduous task for her to explain to people that her dreams are premonitions, or even glimpses into reality… or perhaps other realities…

The fact the the opening credits don’t appear until midway through the first episode should hint at the dynamic ability for The OA to deliver a powerful and compelling story. Give it a shot. Your time will not be wasted. Just one suggestion: If you’re planning on binge watching, don’t do it when you have work the next morning, because “just one more episode” easily turns into “screw it, who needs sleep?” very easily with this show… and the episodes are about an hour each.

Tune into two seasons on Netflix now. Enjoy!

Article by Lorisse Bentiné

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