Tips for attending Comic Con

Looking for PRO tips on attending a comic con? Look no further! Here are 14 basic tips on attending your next comic con:

1- Wear comfy shoes- If you do not read anything past this tip at least you will be somewhat prepared. Walking around a comic con especially a big one can be tiring. Best to be prepared.

2- Charge those devices – Bring an extra battery and charger. Usually, pictures with people in cosplay are free just ask them nicely for a picture. Taking pictures takes a lot of battery life over the life of your visit plus you still want some charge leftover after you leave.

3- Have funds – Bring cash for purchasing from vendors and take a chance to scope out the things you want to buy before spending your budget. A lot of merch booths accept cards, but your bank may deny it because you’re being billed by companies all over so let your bank know.

4- Bring a bag – Save your big item purchases towards the end of your con day so you don’t have to lug around all the big heavy stuff all day. Bringing a big canister to roll up art prints and put them in is a plus. It protects them from getting folded, crumpled and getting wet if you happen to walk outside into the rain after a long con day.

5- Prioritize your experience- Know you will (most likely) not be able to see everything in one day so prioritize people, vendors, celebs, and panel discussions who you definitely want to see. So get a program for the map. Follow artists you like on Instagram to see where they’ll be. Look online for Con exclusives and know which booths they’re in beforehand and map it.

6- Arrive early and leave the same way – Also if you need to go to the bathroom, don’t wait ‘til the last minute, you’ll get slammed by a long line. When getting ready to leave to catch the train, keep in mind just about everyone is also getting ready to leave the con and catch the same train. Leave about 10 minutes earlier or however appropriate for you to walk comfortably out of there with all the heavy foot traffic and still get to your train station in time

7- Superstars might charge you up – Look at the celebrity guests who are attending and where they are on that day and know you may have to pay to meet, get a signature, and take a picture.

8- Comishes- Want a one of a kind piece of art? Commissions are your best bet. Not all artists do commissions, and most do “first come, first serve.” Do inquire about it as sometimes they may not have it listed, and they can run the prices by you for what you have in mind. Try to think of what you want and give them a clear idea, but you don’t need to get super-specific. If you’re commissioning an artist, check out their portfolio and commission them based on their style and type of art they do. Trust in their skills and let them run with artistic freedom. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

9- Pack a snack – Bring small snacks with you to munch throughout the day as it can get tiring from walking around all day. Also, bring a bottle you can use to refill from the fountain to cut back on heavy water bottle costs. Some cons have a strict policy on containers with liquid, so if they do, you can just bring the empty bottle. At the bigger Cons you should really avoid the food court it’s usually overpriced and not worth it. Leave the con for food and return.

10- Rendezvous – If going with friends, set up a “rally point” in case you guys decide to split up and want to meet up again later in the day. Without a good rally point that everyone is clear on, chances are, once everyone splits up, it will take hours to find them again.

11- Get to Artist Alley – Artists are usually friendly and more conversationally engaging than most vendors. Plus they are the lifeblood of the convention so buy something it might be your chance to buy a future star if they aren’t already.

12- Hopeless Wanderer? – Don’t spend your whole day on the show floor and take time to enjoy a panel or two

13- Stay hydrated throughout and bring hand sanitizer or else you’ll get the nerd flu bad.

14- If u see a cosplayer or artist that did a really good job, let them know! They spent a lot of time and money to impress.

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