An original illustrated novel series, “Titan Corps Spartan Elite” follows the journey of Christopher Dreighton, through a war-ravaged world in which freedom dwindles at the hands of brutal tyrannical government forces. Dreighton, a Titan Corps super soldier, is one of the last of his kind to survive the fall of the free world. This one man army may be the key to unlock the secrets of a mystical energy that once powered the Titan Corps.

This weaponized Psychometric Energy fueled super soldiers with the abilities of the greatest warriors throughout history. Spartan, Roman Centurion, Medieval Paladin, Ninja, Viking, Mohican, and so many more were reborn into the Titan Corps Elite (T.C.E.) warrior program. Armed with advanced high-tech weapons these soldiers became the most powerful warriors in history. However, a malevolent autocratic new world order called The Great Central Alliance seized power through tempest, turmoil, and war destroying the Titan Corps. Betrayed and left for dead a vengeful Dreighton declares an all-out war on the enemies of freedom.

Story & Art by Will Falcone