Trailers-Don’t ruin my movie, Hollywood!

Have trailers ruined your movie experience? I’ll answer that for you… Absolutely! There’s no question that movie trailers make or break a potential viewer on the fence about buying a ticket to see said movie. However, what if you knew you wanted to see a movie before you saw the trailer? Again I’ll answer that for you… I can’t stand watching it. Now there’s a difference between a teaser and a whole 10 minutes explaining the entire plot, showing all the good parts, and possibly showing how the movie will end.
It seems Hollywood can’t get enough of ruining these movies for me. I will totally see a trailer for a movie I know nothing about. No not something, absolutely nothing. But that’s where I draw the line. Don’t show me all the action or jokes. Don’t show me the plot or the resolution of the movie’s conflict. Don’t show me plot twists or even surprises. Can you tell I’m upset? Well, it’s not my fault. I made the mistake of watching a trailer about a year ago and I uttered to my girlfriend after the trailer was over “well that was a good movie”. Stop it Hollywood! Quit overselling the movie!

No joke, I will shut my eyes, plug my ears with my fingers and hum because I will not allow a trailer to ruin the best scenes of a movie for me. As Frank Costanza from Seinfeld stated “I WANT TO GO IN FRESH!” Maybe I’m over reacting but show me a trailer and I will show you a desensitized viewer. Stop it… stop it now. Give me the actors, a BASIC understanding of the movie, and one…ONE… action scene or joke. I’ll decide whether I want to go based on the reviews, the words of my network, or the basic knowledge of what I know about the movie.

A desensitized movie goer.

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