We interviewed Jordan Bascombe: the cute kid who reenacted scenes from Black Panther…

…and he wants the world to know that he wants to be in the next Black Panther movie

Yes, we’re still not over it.

With his mom, Jordan prepared for his reenactment by watching Black Panther four times. They came up with the idea together, and his mother, a professional photographer, helped him with his incredible costumes using many household materials like rugs, towels, and even a purple loofah for the heart-shaped herb potion. 

Sporting a Ninja turtles shirt fr the interview, (a kid after my own heart) we asked him what other characters were his favorites. He only named characters from the movie Black Panther. When asked why he thought we were interviewing him, he said “Because I’m famous!” Right you are, cute kid, right you are. He thought his viral video that swept the nation got only 500 likes. His mom Brittni softly corrected him by saying, “more like a million.”  

He reenacted the challenge day scene for us. He played Zuri, the keeper of the heart-shaped herb, adorned with a purple towel, traditional Suri tribe inspired makeup, and a purple loofah. He played M’Baku, and nailed the accent and tonal influxes as though he were classically trained for many years. He even played T’Challa himself, the Black Panther, sporting a really cool light up Black Panther mask. Hey Chadwick, Jordan is coming for your job!

You made the world laugh, Jordan, and impressed us with your flawless execution of these scenes. We hope you are in the next Black Panther movie, because you knocked it out of the park. (And we’re not just saying that because you’re cute!) Jordan Bascombe. Remember this name because we see a future in acting for him. Again, Chadwick Boseman better watch out, because he’s about to steal the spotlight. Cute kids always win.

See the original video here.

I mean just in case y’all need a stunt double for the next movie…just giving y’all options🤷🏾‍♀️🙅🏾‍♀️🤴🏾 #mbakuchallenge #blackpanther #wakandaforever #wakanda #teamjordy #wewillnothaveit #blackboyjoy @chadwickboseman @winstoncduke @danielkaluuya @lupitanyongo @letitiawright @michaelbjordan @im.angelabassett @danaigurira

Posted by Brittni-Rae Bascombe on Sunday, March 4, 2018

In our eyes, you got the job, kid! Good luck!

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