What’s the Deal with Mobile Games?

Can someone explain to me why people hate mobile games so much? Seriously, I want to know. It’s almost as if they caused some tragedy so bad that we have blacklisted them entirely as games at all. So, we are all going to pretend we haven’t played “Snake”, “Angry Birds”, “Temple Run”, or “Flappy Bird” when they came out? This all comes a few days after hearing Diablo of Blizzard Games is coming to mobile. Now was I ever a Diablo fan growing up? No, but I can be if this is handled correctly. Most smartphones have enough power in them to run FULL games like Fortnite in this day and age but we still want to think it’s the “lesser” of the platforms?

Here’s the thing with that. Most people I’ve heard complaints from or surrounding this are people who probably not mobile gamers (in that they are probably at the very least casual to some degree). Now that’s fine, but don’t alienate the ones who do play. Like with everything coming out today. We have to realize there is something for everyone but your something may not be something for someone else. Get it? Some people can’t afford the latest consoles and game releases. They don’t have the time to play 60+ hour campaigns. They, however, do have the few minutes on their lunch break, commute, or just waiting in the lobby of the doctor’s office.

With the release of games lately, personally, I feel that there isn’t enough variety. That must be an absurd thing to hear but again let me explain. I am a HUGE single player gamer. I don’t always need or want co-op, but lately, most games have taken a giant leap in that direction. Thankfully we are getting more story-based games coming out (God of War, Spider-man, Red Dead Redemption 3 for now) but I can’t lug my PS4 in my backpack with me during my day. When I do have time, I don’t always have the energy for it. It’s a constant fight for me just to turn it on and commit to a new game that may or may not be worth it (I’m looking at you Prey).

I love a good platform game as much as the next person, but we can’t ignore the rise of mobile gaming. ESports has HUGE leagues in things like Clash of Clans for instance and it’s steadily increasing. Most free to play games are not only FREE but even in-game costs are low enough to not feel a blow to your wallet if you end up not liking or playing the game after a while. I’d say it’s almost a no lose situation. All in all, I’m not saying “If you can’t beat them, join them”, but I am saying “You may not have to like it, but don’t knock it”. We’re a huge growing community with so many emerging subgroups and subcategories that overlap, and with the growth of technology, I can see more full and immersive games on mobile that will help bring in the casual (and not so casual) fanbase from main consoles (and PCs).  

Am I in the minority on this? Do you still play mobile games too? If so which? Are you one of those amongst the consoles > mobile group? Let us know! For more discussion join our groups on Facebook as well (Inbeon Mag, Inbeon Gamer, Inbeon Anime) and join the growing community of fans!